Đánh giá motorola moto e4 plus

Motorola Moto lớn E4 Plus điện thoại thông minh with 5.50-inch 720x1280 display powered by MediaTek MT6737M processor alongside 3GB of RAM & 13-megapx rear camera.

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Motorola & Flipkart are both aware for at lest 3 weeks that Jio does not work on this phone, yet they continue with the VOLTE tag, which is outright malafideDon't take my word on this, go khổng lồ their forums posts lượt thích,https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/Moto_E4_Moto_E4_Plus/page/1/thread-id/113
Hi Mokhổng lồ e4 Plus is having issue with Releance JIO syên. When phone kept idle for 5min number goes unreachable. For confirmation of my clayên you can view lenovo/moto lớn forums where lots of use complaining the same issue & motorola people are not replying. Request you to please share this information over your show.
I am really disappointed with the purchase Mokhổng lồ e4 plus handmix touch screen not working, it�€™s not working properly & the unique of handset is worst, please vì chưng not purchase. I recently purchase thiết bị di động thru FLIPKART, 1st I got thiết bị di động the display of điện thoại is not working và then I return the Mobile 2nd exchange di động I got from FLIPKART in this điện thoại touch was not working. I totally disappoint Mokhổng lồ e4 Plus và Flipkart service also. I want return my điện thoại and my money bachồng. Please not purchase mokhổng lồ products, Service chất lượng is Worst.
Am not happy with this điện thoại.display và touch not proper working also voice not clear and there are many problems.... what is the solution
I got this phone but I am having a problem that when my screen is off I am not getting điện thoại tư vấn when someone hotline me it's saws busy or out of courage area I vì not understvà how lớn solve sầu this issue
I would recommend this to everyone under 10k no problem after1.5 years of use I can even play pubg without any lag
some serious problem with software applications open automatically calls texts are sent to lớn random people only option is to switchoff handset wait som time & again switch ON to stop this madness for time being.Expected a lot but seriously disappointed
In 10 K best option lớn buy this products front flash is working good. loooong battery baông chồng atleast u can use 2 days with using internet....
It has heating problem.Battery is for 1 day but being 5000 mah it must be of 2 days. If you operate it for 2 hours continuously it will get heat up from upper side near front camera.Rest Tes is for 5 stars.
Camera is not up to lớn the mark. Camera is good in day light. Picture clarity is very poor in low light. There is a major issue with the proximity sensor. the sensor stops working if you put a scratch guard or tamper glass. If you love listening lớn music,especially while travelling this phone is not for you. You can hardly hear the music ,what you hear mostly is the outside noise.Mic & speaker volume is very less compared to lớn other phones. Battery life is excellent than any phone in the market.Even if You browse whole day 50 % of charge still remains không tính phí. Another draw baông xã is you can not update it to lathử nghiệm game android O. Overall all an average phone with lot of bugs.
From the specs, both phones look similar: quiông chồng charger, front fingerprint sensor, 5MP front camera with seltệp tin flash và 2GB RAM. However, the Gretel GT6000 offers up a bigger battery life, dual rear cameras, fashion colors và lower price than Mokhổng lồ E4 plus. From a design perspective, they're both solid, made from a combination of metal và plastic.At last, if you want a dual rear cameras phones with bigger battery smartphone và lower price, the Gretel GT6000 is perfect for you.
First 2 months with the phone were great. Now having it for more than 3 months, I can clarify that the phone is great until it reaches 90 days old.Now these are the problems with the phone:Some apps don't openThe phone used lớn take at Max to lớn charge to lớn 100% from 0%, 2hrs, now it takes +5hrsPhone really slow. Used to lớn watch YouTube videos smoothly, now the video clip lag, buffer all the time, even though I have fast mạng internet.Tried clearing cache, but that makes the phone faster for a few minutes. Get really hot, lượt thích up fo 45°C when, I don't know.So overall this phone is great during the first few months you get it.

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My phone touch got damaged twice within an year. The second time it cost me around Rs 5500 lớn get things right, that too all my files were lost by the kết thúc of repair. The camera is really a good one but the touch is really a big mess.
Honestly speaking Mokhổng lồ e4plus is a trash phone 5000mah lasts for like 5 months then it decreases to lớn the point where u think that it's lượt thích 2000 mAh battery capacity.very bad heating issues & it's not even fit for gaming coz hardware components are cheap và bad.Redngươi or other phones better
Battery is good but charger taking 8-12hr charge it after 2-3 months, sound system problem, this two are the biggest issues in this Mã Sản Phẩm..they are not providing turbo charger & this Model battery is taking 12-16 hours to full charge after 3-4 months, and biggest part is that Motorola company have sầu not superior customer service center..in Mumbai there is only one service center boriwali and peoples inside it are not capable to lớn solve problems ..very bad service if u got any fault in ur mobile
Nothing works, the phone rings, no number shows, misscalls don't save, messenger is a complete mess, no voice messages can be sent, eveyday same problems, the problem was not messenger but this garbage phone!!!